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TMJ Disorders

TMJ or jaw joint disorders usually are characterized by one or more of the following symptoms: painful jaw joint clicking or popping, discomfort in the jaw joints while eating or functioning, possibly limited opening, the jaw joint locking open or closed, and pain in and around the jaw joints. These symptoms are usually a result of trauma or a blow to the side of the face, chin or jaw joint itself, a whiplash accident, or an unstable or poor bite relationship between the teeth. This causes the jaw to be displaced from its socket and the muscles, the teeth and the jaw joints no longer work in harmony.

Treatment for TMJ disorders can include using medications, instituting a softer diet, use of moist heat over the painful area, referral to a Physical Therapist, wearing a night guard or appliance, having a bite adjustment (equilibration), or referral to a TMJ and pain clinic. Should you be aware of any of the above symptoms be sure to let Dr. Strub know so he can do a more comprehensive TMJ evaluation and determine the proper treatment approach for you.

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