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Bite Adjustments or Equilibration

Many people have a difference between their bite when their jaw is all the way in its socket and their bite when all their teeth fit together. This difference in their bite is due in great part because of the way the teeth originally erupted in their mouth or because the teeth have shifted or tipped because a missing tooth was not replaced. Dr. Strub will evaluate your bite relationship with a thorough, comprehensive dental exam. A poor bite relationship could lead to some very damaging symptoms. These symptoms could include unnatural wear to your teeth, chipped or fractured teeth or fillings, loose or mobile teeth, headaches, neck aches, back aches, muscle spasms of your facial muscles, facial pain, clicking or popping in your jaw joints (TMJ), pain in your jaw joints (TMJ’s) when you function or arthritic changes in your jaw joints (TMJ’s). If Dr. Strub is to restore the mouth to a healthy condition, we want to first establish a proper bite relationship to reduce the forces on the teeth, the muscles and the jaw joints (TMJ’s) so these potential problems can be avoided or treated early. We do this by adjusting the way the teeth fit together and the forces on the teeth. We call this an equilibration. We accomplish this by polishing some of your teeth so they fit together and function naturally. This reduces the stress on your muscles and jaw joints (TMJ’s) and removes any damaging pressure that is placed on your teeth during function.

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