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When Dr. Tom Strub became my new dentist in April 1996, I had no idea how much he would change my life for the better.

In addition to regular dental care, he began working with my problem jaw joint to improve its function with use of a “jaw splint.” This allowed my jaw to rest and heal when not in use. The important change that I noticed at this time was that I no longer had problems with my jaws becoming locked open or closed. I also had only a fraction of the headaches I usually had before. My neck and shoulder muscles became more comfortable because there was less stress there as well.

After I had worn the splint for several years, my old crowns were wearing out and I lost a tooth because of that. It was time to replace the old crowns or risk losing most of my teeth. Dr. Strub proposed a “rebuilding plan” that changed the shape of my entire mouth and aligned my jaw properly.

I have enjoyed my “new teeth” for about six months now, and find that with the new alignment, my teeth work better and look better than they ever have before in my life. I know I am chewing my food better because it is easier to move my jaws. All my chewing is more efficient, and chewing is no longer a painful process. My neck, shoulders, and back do not ache so much because my jaw is no longer causing stress to these areas. The whole jaw is now working properly.

In short, I am grateful to Dr. Tom Strub for the miraculous changes he made in my quality of life through his knowledge and practical application of sophisticated dentistry.

Myrna Sandvik, Satisfied Patient

Dear Dr. Strub,
I want to thank you (and your gracious staff) for your extremely professional care teamed with compassion for the individual patient.I am especially thinking of the day I was your patient for the entire day. I felt extremely well looked after as a patient, but also as (almost) a guest, as well. Every person involved did their part to make a long, tiring day as pleasant for me as possible, and I appreciate it.

In addition, the careful planning and efficient timing that are evident in this entire process, so far, are nothing sort of marvelous. (I marvel anyway)

So I thank you all (and especially you yourself, Dr. Strub) for the important work you do every day and the good you do in this world.


Dear Dr Strub,Thank you for helping me on Monday. I was nervous, but you made it lots better!

P.S. My favorite part is that it didn’t hurt!


Tom,Just a note to thank you for the fine work done on my lower filling last week. It has worked out very nicely so that I chew on both sides of my mouth these days! Also, the wonderful Novocain was again very comforting in that I never felt a thing. I continue to recommend you and your staff to anyone who is inquiring about a good dentist to go to.

Thanks for the fine work. See you in December.


Dear Dr. Strub,Just wanted you to know much I appreciate your gentle and superior work on my teeth. They fit beautifully and really look much better than my original ones.


Dear Tom,Thank you for fixing Julie’s crown when she was home over the last weekend. You always go above and beyond in caring for us and we thank you. How special having a great dentist!

Thank you,
Don & Mary

Dear Dr. Strub, MaryAnn & Staff,Thank you so much for your kindness to Fred. He was so proud of his new teeth and improving look. I really feel that the dental work was worth the time and expense with “Fritz” so positive about his restore mouth.

Thank you again for being so caring.


Many, many, thanks to you, Dr. Strub, for giving me a great smile and great looking teeth!!Any many thanks to your entire staff for helping me get through all my dental work and making my experience pleasurable.

With warm wishes, thoughts and prayers.

Thank you,

Dear Tom & Staff,Just a note to say how pleasant I found all of you and your office! I fell like I have a dentist now – and haven’t been comfortable with one for several years!

Thanks again,

Dr. Strub,THANK YOU seems insufficient to express out gratitude. We truly appreciate you taking our emergency call, providing counsel about the seriousness of the situation, offering to see Mom (who is not one of your regular patients), coming to the Lutheran Home to see her on Saturday morning, examining her teeth, extracting the infected tooth, and modifying her partial so she can resume her normal activities. All this was done on your time away from the office. Not only do we appreciate your outstanding expertise and dental skills, but equally important is your personal care and compassion for others! Many thanks!

Carol and Susan

Dr. Strub,Thank you for your care and work on mom’s teeth. Your kindness & gentleness made her appointments much more enjoyable than in the past with other dentists. As she ages she gets much more anxious, but with you and your staff she remained calm.

Thank you again,

Dear Dr. Strub,I want to thank you for getting me in on Tuesday for my “emergency” on such a short notice. I know you are all very busy, and I really appreciated what you all did.

I always tell people that my family and I go to the best dentist in the area, and this proves it.

Thanks again,

Dr. Strub & Staff,Just wanted to say thank you for providing us with the tools and services necessary for us to help ourselves. Your staff and co-workers go above and beyond the call of duty to accommodate our individual needs and help us to keep our smiles bright. Your gentle touch and caring attitude along with the wisdom of today’s newest discoveries and applications of the latest and greatest do not go unnoticed nor unappreciated.

Thank you for caring! Sorry for the drooling and slobbering. We just can’t seem to help it! (smiles)

Thank you again,
Casey and Family