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Intra-oral Camera

An intra-oral camera is a diagnostic and educational tool that our cosmetic dentist and his dental hygienists use. It is a very small camera that takes photos of areas of your mouth that are then magnified up to 20x on a high quality computer monitor using advanced computer software technology. The photos enable you to see for the first time exactly what Dr. Strub and his dental hygienists are viewing in your mouth. These high quality photographs are a great way for all of us to better visualize and diagnose conditions like early decay (cavities), cracks in your teeth, receding gum tissue or infections in your mouth. This helps you better understand the condition of your mouth, your dental needs and gives you the ability to make and informed decision about your dental options and treatment along with Dr. Strub. It also helps Dr. Strub to document the necessity for the treatment decisions that you have chosen to your dental insurance company without any confusion or delay in processing your claim.

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