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How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

moneymouthReplacing a missing tooth or teeth with implant dentistry can improve your dental health, enhance your smile and increase your self-esteem. For the majority of patients who undergo successful placement of dental implants, the financial investment in their smile is worth every penny. There is no other tooth replacement option that delivers the impressively realistic look, feel, and function of a dental implant.

Determining the Cost of Your Dental Implants

The cost of dental implants can vary greatly from patient to patient. Cost is determined and influenced by several factors, which may include:

  • Number of implants being placed
  • Type and quality of the implant components being used
  • Type, quality, and number of restorations being placed
  • Necessity for pre-surgical periodontal treatment
  • Necessity for pre-surgical jawbone building procedures
  • Necessity for pre-surgical tooth extractions
  • Type of sedation utilized

At our practice, every dental implant procedure is customized to fit each patient’s unique needs and goals. The first step in figuring out how much your dental implants will cost is scheduling an implant consultation with Dr. Thomas J. Strub.

Financial Assistance for Dental Implants

The costs of dental implants and other restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedures are sometimes unmanageable for patients without the assistance of financing and dental insurance. At our dental office, it is important to Dr. Strub that we offer as much assistance to our patients as possible. In addition to accepting dental insurance, we also offer in-office payment plans and third party financing options through CareCredit®. We understand how important your smile is to you, and we will try as hard as we can to make treatments accessible.

Schedule a Dental Implant Consultation with Dr. Strub

The strength, durability and high success rate of dental implants can make them a wise investment in your long term dental health. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Strub today to learn more about dental implants and find out if you are a good candidate for the procedure.

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