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What is a Dental Study Club? Find out How Dr. Thomas Strub Stays Up-to-Date on the Latest in Advanced Dentistry

At our dental office in Cedar Falls, ensuring that patients receive personalized treatment along with the most advanced dental care is at the core of our mission. To remain up-to-date on the latest treatments and techniques in dental care, Dr. Thomas J. Strub actively pursues continuing education and is member of two dental study clubs. A dental study club is an organization or group that is dedicated to providing dentists with opportunities to attain new education on advanced techniques as well as network with other dental professionals.

Our cosmetic dentist says dental study clubs serve as a unique opportunity for elite dental professionals to collaborate by discussing an extensive variety topics and concepts, assessing dental products, and sharing techniques. “There are several benefits. Number one, it keeps you on the cutting edge of the techniques, instruments, equipment, and materials out there. Probably the biggest benefit is you get to connect with some of the top one to two percent of the dentists in the United States.”

As a member of both the Minnesota Academy of Comprehensive Dentistry and Really Profound Opportunities (RPO), Dr. Strub says he is able to learn the latest in:

As a member of RPO for 25 years, Dr. Strub says that the club consists of eight dentists from different states, and is unique because of the duration of its legacy and quality of its members. Currently, two members are faculty at The Pankey Institute, a leading center for dental education. “Just the connecting with some absolutely phenomenal dentists is really important,” he says. “It gives you a number of different ideas, and keeps you in touch with the leaders in dentistry.”

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