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Dr. Thomas Strub Recounts Belize Dental Mission Trip

Dr. Thomas Strub is back from his dental mission trip to Belize! Since we discussed how much our favorite dentist was looking forward to going overseas again in a previous blog, we wanted to give you an update on everything that happened.


Dr. Strub and the rest of his team landed in Belize City and traveled four hours by bus to Dangriga, one of the largest towns in southern Belize. There is a state-sponsored dentist in the town; however, due to lack of supplies and materials, she is unable to treat every person who needs dental care.


The volunteers created a temporary dental clinic inside a Methodist school, with different stations for patient intake, anesthesia, oral surgery, restoration, and triage. They also had an area for teaching patients about oral hygiene where they gave out free toothbrushes, toothpaste, and dental floss. Patients lined up all day outside of the school to receive free dental treatment.


Before he left, Dr. Strub estimated they would treat a little over 100 patients. Instead the volunteers ended up changing the smiles – and lives – of 428 patients during their stay! The dental professionals performed 250 composites, 223 fillings, and 572 extractions. After calculating the amount, Dr. Strub says the team ended up donating a quarter of a million dollars worth of dental services to the people of Dangriga, and the town’s state-sponsored dentist was very thankful to the mission team for their assistance!
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