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Dr. Thomas J. Strub Acquires Latest Expertise and Application for Tooth-Colored Fillings

Each year at the end of April, the Minnesota Dental Association hosts Star of the North, a leading state dental meeting for the upper midwest region of the U.S. This year, just like in years past, Dr. Thomas J. Strub and his entire office staff attended the annual Saint Paul conference to participate in numerous education seminars and engage in floor exhibitions to examine new dental materials, supplies, and equipment.

One seminar our cosmetic dentist attended, “Everyday Aesthetics for the Everyday Dentist,” focused on how to make tooth-colored fillings as life-like and undetectable as possible. An alternative to gold, silver, or amalgam (mercury) fillings, tooth-colored fillings (made from a mixture of plastic and glass) represent the modern advances in dentistry materials that can provide patients with the most natural-looking results.

“The biggest thing we pulled away with was how you take different shades of tooth-colored filling material, and use three, four, or five different shades in a layering effect to bring out the color, translucency, and opaqueness of the tooth to exactly match the adjacent teeth so that they’re virtually invisible,” says Dr. Strub. “You really almost need to be an artist as you layer the different composites, or tooth-colored filling materials, on each other.”

With more than 8,500 dental professional attendees, Star of the North also showcases the latest dental supplies and state-of-the art technology from hundreds of exhibitors. According to Dr. Strub, listening to leading clinicians and management personnel is critical to staying well-informed and educated in the dental field. Each year, he and his staff learn something new, which allows their practice to provide the best-possible services and most up-to-date treatments for their patients.

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