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Root Canals

Nerves in the middle of your teeth can sometimes become damaged from very extensive, untreated decay or from trauma like cracks in the tooth. When the nerve is damaged beyond repair, it will become infected and form an abscess. Teeth with infected nerves are usually painful to hot or cold and also to pressure and chewing. In this event, root canal therapy is required in order to save the tooth. Healing will not take place until the infected nerve tissue is removed from the tooth and the nerve chamber is sterilized to insure that the disease causing bacteria (germs) are destroyed. The nerve chamber is then sealed with a rubberized filling material. Using the latest equipment and techniques, Dr. Strub can usually accomplished this treatment in one, pain free appointment. After the treated tooth is strengthened and protected with a porcelain crown, it will function as a natural tooth for a very long time. Root canal therapy is very successful and has many advantages. It allows you to keep your natural teeth, which is very important to your appearance and your overall health.

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