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How Long Do Porcelain Crowns Last?

poreclain-crowns-lifespanA porcelain crown can last decades – even a lifetime – depending on factors such as the lifestyle of patient and the skill of the dentist. The crowns themselves very rarely break and are not susceptible to decay. However, the tooth beneath a porcelain crown can suffer from decay if the patient does not practice proper oral hygiene. Patients who grind their teeth may also find that their crowns will not last as long.

A porcelain crown is intended to strengthen the tooth’s structure to prolong the lifespan of the natural tooth. Since teeth can easily be damaged when they have large fillings, have undergone root canal therapy, or are already cracked, crowns are an effective way to simultaneously improve both the form and the function of the tooth. Rather than allowing a tooth to remain in a brittle condition, a porcelain crown surrounds the tooth for enhanced support as well as to conceal any existing damage. If you receive proper care by a skilled dentist, a porcelain crown can provide natural looking results and a long lasting solution for weakened teeth.

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