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Does It Hurt To Get A Porcelain Crown?

shutterstock_195239507A porcelain crown is a common restoration recommended to patients who need to fortify a weakened or damaged tooth. If the structure of a tooth is severely compromised, a porcelain crown can reinforce the tooth about five times its original strength. Patients often require a porcelain crown to prevent future damage from causes including:

  • Large fillings
  • Previous root canal therapy
  • Existing cracks

The placing of a porcelain crown is a virtually painless procedure. We use a topical anesthetic before the injection of a longer lasting anesthetic so the entire process can be virtually pain free. During the procedure itself, patients typically feel no discomfort, and we take special care around the gum tissues to help prevent post-operative sensitivity. In addition, since porcelain crowns do not require the dentist to go below the gum tissues, the procedure is particularly gentle while still achieving effective and long lasting results.

Thomas Strub, DDS, PC

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